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Dudley and Bob Show 2-3-2014 w/ Aziz Ansari

*Aziz Ansari should be coming in later this morning. During last night's ludicrous Super Bowl game, Aziz livetweeted a football game of a higher caliber: the Friday Night Lights Super Bowl. Check out his coverage on Twitter. #FNLSB2

*R.I.P. Philip Seymour Hoffman. Here's a touching blog that pretty much seems to sum up how we all reacted.

*Carissa thought that her "bumper was flapping in the wind." Turns out she had a flat tire. She drove on it twice.


*A 9/11 truther grabbed the mic from Malcom Smith during a Super Bowl news conference.

*Here's Ad Blitz! Some of the best Super Bowl ads. Because let's be real, they really were the best thing about it this time.

*There was some backlash over the Coca Cola "America the Beautiful" ad, though. Here's some of the things said on Twitter.

*Police Chief Art Acevedo came in to talk about this video with us.

*Chief Acevedo was discussing the incident on social media. Our friend (and comedian) Chris Cubas and Chief Acevedo got into a little bit of a tiff about it. But this video and the entire discussion brings up a good point: that downtown Austin can be a dangerous place. However, as Chief Acevedo pointed out, when incidents like this occur, people tend to get mad at the police department rather than getting made at the actual attackers.

*Here's the KVUE news story of the incident.

*This reverend claims to perform exorcisms...over Skype.

*Aziz Ansari did come by! Way to go Daniel. You didn't screw up. He chatted with us this morning about what it's like to be a comedian. He'll be back in Austin during April for the Moontower Comedy Festival, but you can also see him at Bass Concert Hall on the weekend before Moontower.



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