That's right, Sideshow freaks. The Sideshow is now 100% unadulterated free for all.

But there's a catch- you need to subscribe to our new Sideshow Feed.

Follow this link, or search for "Dudley and Bob + Matt Sideshow" on your preferred podcast provider.

June 23, 2017

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the location of the new Sideshow podcast?

This version of the Sideshow will come to a close on July 1. The new podcast can be found on iTunes by following this link.

I subscribed to the premium podcast but I only see a $1.00 charge on my bank account, did I do something wrong?

PayPal is placing a $1.00 hold on your account to verify that your card is valid. This is not an actual charge; the $1.00 will be removed from your account in the next few business days.

Your account will be charged once your 30-days trial has expired.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Please go to the following page, then click on “Cancel” within the “Subscription” section:

Can I have access to the 30-day free trial without a Credit Card?

Sorry but this option is not available at this time.

Can I enjoy the 30-day free trial multiple times?

Our 30-day free trial is a one time offer and only available for new subscribers.

I am getting some weird server error, what do I do?

Please try to log out of your current session by visiting the following page:

I am only able to listen to the first 20 seconds of the Dudley & Bob Sideshow, what am I doing wrong?

Please make sure you are logged in order to have access to the premium content, visit the following page to login:

How do I clear my mobile browser cache?


  • Go to settings
  • Click on the Safari icon
  • In the "privacy" section, click on "Clear Cookies and Data"


  • In your browser, open the menu
  • Go to Settings, then Privacy & security
  • Press the Clear cache button

How do I subscribe to the podcast?

This depends on your computer/phone and the software you are using. There are many different configurations, so we won’t be able to cover all of them, but we’ll try to cover the most common.

Use the iTunes links in the Subscribe To Podcasts section to the right of the date. The Morning Show should give you the free episodes. You’ll need to be logged in to click the Dudley & Bob Sideshow link.

For iOS9, copy the "Sideshow" feed URL from the "Manage Subscription" section. In your iOS podcast app, add a new subscription with the "+" button, select "Add Podcast", and paste the feed URL.

For iOS7-8, the "Add from URL" option was removed and you will need to sync your podcast app with your desktop installation of iTunes. This is a one-time sync to transfer the subscription and will NOT need to be done for each new episode.

For iOS6, use the Morning Show (RSS) or The Dudley & Bob Sideshow links. Safari will ask if you want to open the link in the Podcast program. When you do, it will ask if you would like to subscribe.

For iOS5 and below, you may need to subscribe using the iTunes method from your desktop computer, which will sync your subscription to your iPhone. Users have also reported success using the RSS Radio app from the App Store.

There are many podcast apps available for Android. We will not endorse a specific app, but we have tested the podcast subscription in BeyondPod, which has a one-week trial of the premium mode, then reverts to a Lite mode.

Once you have an app installed, please use the Morning Show (RSS) or The Dudley & Bob Sideshow links under the Subscribe to Podcasts section to the right of the date.

How do I reset my password?

If you need to reset your password, follow these steps:

How do I listen to the Dudley and Bob Sideshow live?

When you are logged into your Sideshow account, just click on "Sideshow Live" in the main header to listen to the Sideshow live.